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Is Your Hot Water System Old, Outdated and Inefficient?

Find out if you qualify to receive up to $3,000 in Government incentives when you upgrade your gas, electric, solar or instantaneous hot water system to a efficient heat pump

Selecting the right size for your hot water system is pivotal. A size that’s too small could leave you shivering without hot water, while an excessively large system can translate to higher upfront costs and ongoing expenses. Our recommendations center on tank size, offering a simple and practical way to make the right choice:

Finding the ideal size also involves contemplating household changes over time. Your family might expand or your water consumption patterns could shift. These factors influence the right size for your hot water system, so it’s crucial to plan for the long term.

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Experience Cool Comfort: Introducing Evaporative Cooling Vent Covers

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Hot Water Systems: Warming Your World, One Drop at a Time.
Experience Comfort, Efficiency, and Reliability with Our State-of-the-Art Solutions.


Powering the Future, Planet by Planet.
Harnessing the Sun’s Energy for a Greener Tomorrow.

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Enjoy The Utmost In Efficiency And Comfort With Our State-of-the-art Air Conditioning Systems. It’s Easy To Stay Cool And Conserve Electricity.

Experience Cool Comfort: Introducing Evaporative Cooling Vent Covers

Beat the heat and revolutionize your cooling experience with our Evaporative Cooling Vent Covers.

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At Eiffel Energy, our vision is to tower above the energy landscape, shaping a future where sustainable power solutions stand tall. We aspire to be the beacon of innovation, illuminating a world where clean energy drives progress and possibilities.

Our Mission

Our mission at Eiffel Energy is to engineer a transformative shift towards renewable energy sources. We're dedicated to constructing a foundation of clean power, epitomizing efficiency, and delivering solutions that stand as resilient as the iconic Eiffel Tower. Through innovative technologies and unwavering dedication, we aim to energize communities and elevate the standards of sustainable living. By embodying the spirit of Eiffel Energy, we endeavor to construct a world where energy is not just harnessed but celebrated as a symbol of progress and environmental stewardship.

Our Motto

Eiffel Energy – Empowering Tomorrow, Today. Our motto echoes our commitment to harnessing the strength of energy to build a sustainable and brighter future for all.

External air is drawn into the heat pump

External air is drawn into the heat pump system via a fan into an evaporator containing a special type of refrigerant, which is stored in piping

The refrigerant boils​

The warmth in the air boils the refrigerant turning it from a liquid into a gas inside the heat pump’s piping

A compressor pumps the refrigerant​

A compressor then pumps the now gaseous refrigerant through a small valve, which compresses it ; this process generates a great deal of heat

Heat transfer​

The hot gas inside the condenser coil (piping) heats the water inside the coil-wrapped tank

Heat pump cycle begins again​

The temperature of the refrigerant has now dropped dramatically as the heat has been drawn away, so it returns to a liquid state and the heat pump cycle begins again.

Free Electric and Gas Hot Water System Replacement Victoria

Victoria Government incentives including Victorian Energy Upgrade(VEU), Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme(SRES), Solar Victoria rebates combined together to help cover your hot water system upgrade cost.

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Reduce the planet’s carbon footprint, one charger at a time

Discover energy-efficient comfort with our electric water heat pumps. Schedule a free consultation for personalized recommendations, tailored to your unique space. Save on bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and transform your environment. Make the smart choice for sustainable heating and cooling solutions. Contact us now